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Reviews and Book Chapters

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Technical Reports

  • 2019 P. Teitlebaum, L. Oddy, K. Johnson. Pilot Evaluation to Assess the Impact of eLearning on Humanitarian Aid
    Work. Produced for The Humanitarian Leadership Academy UK, Medair Geneva and Humanitarian U,
    Montreal, Canada, 2019.

Popular Media

  • 2012 K. Johnson. Not Just A Cause. Field Notes. Outpost Magazine. 2012(90):71-73.
  • 2012 Ni Sisi. Street-theatre production in Kenya. Co-created by N. Redding and K. Johnson. Directed by Nick
    Redding featuring S.A.F.E.. Toured in Kenya Fall 2012. See
  • 2013 Ni Sisi. Feature-length film made in Kenya. Directed by N. Redding, performed by S.A.F.E. actors writing
    assistance by K. Johnson. Released in theatres in Kenya Spring 2013. See and