Asian Conference on Peace, Humanitarian Aid and Service

Hiroshima, Japan serves as an ideal setting  for aid workers, academics, practitioners, policy-makers, doctors, nurses, NPO / NGO professionals and students who desire to share ideas, knowledge, research and experience in a forum of peaceful dialog and constructive outcomes.


The 2011 devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident that struck northern Japan is recent reminder that even technologically advanced countries can be crippled by natural and human-made disasters. It is not that natural disasters are increasing, but rather that the growth of the global population and demand for living space means that natural and human-made catastrophes are having a greater impact on infrastructure and the loss of human life.


What type of governance structures, management practices, technological innovations, legal agreements or policy tools can best bridge the needs-limitation gap in order to facilitate and accelerate humanitarian aid, service, disaster response and management?


In the spirit of peace and working together, the theme for PHASE 2015 will be Unity in Community. This international, peer-reviewed conference is a call to doctors, nurses, NPO / NGO professionals,  humanitarian aid workers in the field, disaster response teams, police and fire departments, engineers and men and women serving in the military.


PHASE 2015 will also coincide with the 70th Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Remembrance Ceremony.

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