Our new Humanitarian Healthcare Program is in the works with specific training on COVID-19. Help us prepare the humanitarian healthcare workforce and strengthen pandemic response now and in the future.

Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on healthcare systems globally. Humanitarian and disaster healthcare team workers are desperately needed to respond to this pandemic now. Countries worldwide are requesting the assistance of disaster response organizations.


The key problem is that there is no regulatory body or standardized program to ensure that practitioners are doing the right thing in disaster and humanitarian response. There is an urgent need for accredited comprehensive training for all humanitarian and healthcare providers.


Our new Humanitarian Healthcare Program will help address this problem. The online program – available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic at no cost to the user – will give frontline workers the critical competencies they need to work in the field and respond to COVID-19.

The Future of Global Health and Humanitarian Action

Our team of subject matter experts and recognized leaders are reimagining humanitarian healthcare training. Humanitarian UDisasterReady and Team Rubicon are developing the first online accredited Humanitarian Healthcare Program with contribution from McGill University’s Department of Emergency Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University.


There will be another COVID. There will be more Ebola. There are more public health emergencies on the horizon due to urbanization and climate change. We need to strengthen our humanitarian health workforce now and in the future as health needs surge.